Dés András Trió – jazz concert in Vianden

21h00 – Entrée 8 EUR / 6 EUR (presale until 24/04)
Vianden, Ancien Cinéma café-club, 23, Grand-rue

The Dés András Trió premiered on the 23rd of October, 2007 at one of the most popular jazz clubs in Budapest. They have since performed at various clubs and festivals, and in September 2008 recorded first album titled ?Unquiet Stillness?. Rhythmically and structurally our tunes are often complex, but they are also melodic. Most of the tunes were composed by András Dés, but their final form bears the mark of creative input from all three of them.

András Dés basic musical direction is “close-to-jazz” improvisational music (as one can with the Elemér Balázs Group, Kaltenecker trió, Off Course) but he also participates actively in experimental groups mixing folk-music with modern electronic genres. He considers the frame drums (riq, bodhran) the “kanna” (special Hungarian gipsy instrument) and the darbouka as his main instruments.

Mátyás Szandai is considered as one of Hungary’s premier bassists. He has recently recorded with such world famous musicians as Archie Shepp (with the Dresch Quartet), Kurt Rosenwikel (with the Daniel Szabo Trio) and Hamid Drake (with the Viktor Toth tercet).

Szabolcs Oláh attended to the Liszt Ferenc Academy Of Music where he studied guitar with Gyula Babos and Sándor Horányi. He graduated in 2005 with the highest honors. In 2007 he participated the ?Roma Jazz?s cool? jazz course organized by the Saint Louis College Of Music in Italy Since 2001 he performs with different ensemble-settings in Hungary, and he writes music for his quartet.

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