Dj Niki Belucci @ Byblos

Famous Hungarian female DJ in Luxembourg @ Byblos!

Niki Belucci is the symbol of beauty, health, eroticism, desire, freedom, charm, allurement, sexuality and energy. The beautiful girl, Niki, who has a considerable past in sports, was 15 years old when she had to stop doing gymnastic on the apparatus after a serious injury. At this moment she possess 21 gold, 12 silver, 8 bronze medals and 2 sport cups as a sportswomen of the Ferencvárosi Gymnastic Club. She has finished in the Secondary School of Catering Trade but she has worked only a few months in her profession. She was shop assistant in an underclothes shop when she was turned to connection with erotic photography and in soon she found herself in porn profession as an actress.

She spent 6 months in this field when she was 19 then in 2003, at the event of the Porno Oscar-price awarding gala she declared that she quits the porno industry as she wishes to make career of her former hobby, DJ-ing. At that time she has already been roaming small clubs with her vinyl plates entertaining people. Niki launched herself into club life in the autumn of 2003. Thanks to her talent and ability she had about 160 performances per year in Hungary and in the neighboring countries and new gates were opened to her in 2006 mainly abroad. After touring the world 2 years, Niki was approached by Unlimited Sounds, home of the D.O.N.S and Jerry Ropero to release her next single and a mix compilation worldwide. So the story continues…

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