Radio Daze concert & Open Jam Session

Undergomusic is proud to offer up a delightful early evening Sunday serving of countrified blueswailing, tub thumping and floor-stompin’, mouth-organly-watering, dripping in jingling syrupy guitars rolling in soulful leisure with the bass thrumming in time to the percussive rhyme and rattle of the beer jars prattling …dropped jaw flapping smiley faces on display. Come and play!!!

Open jam session before and after the show, every thing is available to use, from guitars, amps drums, piano-synth, lap steel, bass, even a Kaos pad. Any other kind of plucky-strummy-slappy-blowey thing you’d like to bring to the party would be wildly appreciated and muchly respected.
The guys from Radio Daze will be there so if you happen to have set your musical sights so low, here is an opportunity to churn out some cheese with the boys and other musical friends and kindly faces that we’ve picked on and picked up along the way. It should be a lot of fun.
THIS IS NOT A BLUES JAM!!! But there will be plenty of it and it’ll kick ass!!! It’s an open jam but it’s a must for all ‘Neil Young’ whinny kind of rose spectacled plaid wearing wily weary old hippies out there. (I’m not a fan).

So if you want to get up a play anything from Mozart to Motorhead there will be ears and cheers to acknowledge it and plenty of people to take the piss out of you should you f**k it up.

Gentlefolks and fair maidens of the land, I beg you come and say a long goodbye to ‘The Long Goodbye’!

BLACK STUFF    Sun. 14th Mar.  6.30 ànwards.

Bring your thing!

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