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“A kind of America” continues

The Hungarian stand at the “International Bazaar of Luxembourg” is organizing a fund-raising movie projection on October 18 at 19:00 in the Robert Krieps Hall of the Neumünster Abbey. The event is under the auspices of the Hungarian Embassy in Brussels.

Hungarian box office hit “A kind of America”, presented at a similar event last year and inspired by the director’s own early carrier, continues with more humor and excitement in a second part, “A kind of America 2”, another country-wide hit of the past years.

Though the American “producer”, Alex ran away with the money, with the help of his brother’s lottery win, Tamás, the young, Budapest-based director made his first feature film “The Guilty City”. The movie was a flop, and Ákos, the older brother, the successful manager and sex maniac has lost his girlfriend who left him for the producer. Younger brother András, has spent most of his money on the film. The story of the three brothers continues… They find Alex in New York on the internet and take the plane to catch him to get their 60 millions back. The money “flew away”, and Alex seems to be in trouble; a Hungarian mafioso would give him a difficult time, unless he puts a Broadway show on stage. With more humor and excitement the 3 brothers start to “work” with the producer again …

English subtitle- Entrance fee is 6 EUR, and all your contribution will go to the charities of the “International Bazaar of Luxembourg”.

Tickets can be booked by sending an e-mail to:, or by telephone: 621 27 79 67.

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Source: Programok plakátjai

Community article written by György Földes from Kind of America (in Hungarian: Valami Amerika) @ in last October.

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