“Résonances hongroises” – an exceptional concert

Félix LAJKÓ to perform in Luxembourg for the first time

The famous Hungarian violin and zither player from Serbia, also called the “Paganini of Vojvodina”, will perform for the first time ever in the Grand Duchy next month. The 37-year-old world music star (http://www.lajkofelix.hu/en/bio) will perform in the company of the viola player Antal Brasnyó who has been accompanying him for several years.

The event takes place on 10 March at 20:00h in the Grand Théâtre (Studio du Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, 1, Rond-point Schuman L-2525 Luxembourg).

„He is called the devil’s fiddler, we think of him as a path-breaker, his improvisations jolt us and we think of him as a modern minimalist composer, but I’m also convinced he could easily be the soloist in any classical concerto. Over the past sixteen years, it is as if nothing has changed. Lajkó knew as he knew at the beginning, that he is playing what we now perceive as a single lifelong work. The only novelty is that he is no longer fiddling alone, because there with him is Antal Brasnyó” – wrote the critic Zoltán Végs?.
“And indeed in 2009, Félix Lajkó published his album “From the Bush” (http://www.lajkofelix.hu/en/discography/2009/a-bokorbol-from-the-bush) and with recent concerts, proved he knows the solution: he is also capable of describing that sense of freedom in a duo, which is what has made his music so indispensable.”

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

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