a week-end of Roumanian kalotaszegi dance teaching, dance house and singing

Dear All,

We are organizing a week-end of Roumanian kalotaszegi on the 7th and 8th December 2012 (dance teaching, dance house and singing).

Place: Foyer europeen (12, rue Heine, Luxembourg)

The week-end starts on Friday with the basic steps: from 19h until 22h (instead of the normal dance course).
The dance teaching continues on Saturday from 10 to 19h, with a lunch break from 13 to 15h.
At the end of the event we will have a dance house from 19h until midnight, which includes dance teaching, but also free dancing.

We begin the lessons with the basic steps, but we would like to advance as fast as possible, because the guest teachers are only staying over this week-end in Luxembourg.

If you would like to contribute to the event, cookies, sandwiches and drinks are welcome.

The Friday teaching counts for normal class (free for the club members, 5 euros for non members), while the price of the Saturday session is 20 euros for everyone, which includes the entrance fee of the dance house as well. If you are coming only to the dance house, the entrance fee is 5 euros.

To facilitate the organisation, please send me an e-mail (gergorichard@yahoo.fr) if you know for sure that you come. It’s enough to write Friday dance teaching, Saturday dance teaching, or dancing-party and please indicate the number of participants. Thank you!

Best regards,

Hateha! Hungarian dance club