Quimby (HU) concert in Luxembourg

30/04/2013, 21:00, doors open: 20:00 @ Melusina – (145, rue de la Tour Jacob, Clausen, Luxembourg)


In 2011 Quimby, probably the most popular alternative rock band in Hungary, packed the Budapest Sports Arena with a crowd of 12 000 in celebration of their 20th anniversary, a feat never before achieved by an act in this genre — in a country of only 10 million people.

Although Quimby has been a headliner at Hungary’s most recognized festivals for many years now, including the world-famous Sziget Festival, it also maintains a steady presence within the club and theatre scene. As one journalist put it: “Most people simply find its music and lyrics incredibly moving, if not hard to resist.”

In the two decades of its career, Quimby has released 10 albums, two of which won the Hungarian album-of the-year award. These releases are kind of like fraternal twins: their parents are the same but they bear only partial resemblance. From one album to the next we can feel different flavors, scents, forces and vectors — but the general feeling and the energy are very much the same. Unafraid of new horizons the band ignores the strict confines of popular music and explores new territories where music tends to border analogous art forms. Some of the band’s songs have also become sound tracks in several Hungarian motion pictures and they provided the music for two highly successful theatre productions, including an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night; or, What You Will,” in which the band performed live on the theatre stage. Their ties with the theatrical world were further reinforced by their “Teatrum” concert series, a tour of major theatres around Hungary where they performed a specially adapted set. Quimby collaborated with several contemporary Hungarian poets as well.

In the spring of 2009, the band released a 5 track Maxi CD, including their smash hit “Ajjajjajj,” followed in December 2009 by “Lármagy?töget?” (Noise Collector), a double disc containing a full-length concert DVD and an audio CD featuring new versions of some of their old songs, as well as 3 entirely new selections.  December 2010 saw the release of “Kicsi Ország” (Small Country), their latest 17-track studio album and another year later, just in time for the anniversary, the band came out with “Instant Szeánsz”, their first live CD to date.

Their hits include, among many others “Ajjajjajj”, “Autó egy szerpentinen”, “Sehol se talállak”, “Ultravaló”, „Magam adom”, „Android?”, „Halleluja” and „Most múlik pontosan”.

Band Members:
Tibor Kiss: vocals, guitar
Livius Varga: vocals, percussion
Szilárd Balanyi: keys, backing vocals, percussion
Dodi Kárpáti: trumpet, keys, backing vocals
Ferenc Mikuli: bass
Ferenc Gerdesits: drums, mandolin