Söndörgö «Tamburising» Lost Music of the Balkans

 19.03.2013 20:00 – Salle de Musique de Chambre – Philharmonie

Attila Buzás bass tambura, vocals
Áron Eredics tenor tambura, derbuka, takan, direction
Benjámin Eredics kontra tambura, trumpet
Dávid Eredics alt tambura, kaval, clarinet, saxophone
Salamon Eredics alt tambura, accordion, flute

The hot-blooded young Hungarian family band carries on the tambura tradition stemming from Croatia and Serbia – and with a vengeance: the London-based magazine Songlines ranked their album «Tamburising» one of the ten best new releases of 2011. No fiddles, no winds – here the exciting Balkan mandolin is completely in its element.

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