Hungarian band, ‘Tankcsapda’ in Luxembourg

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effets metallique realiste importez discount texture wallpaper affiche grunge images creerTankcsapda was formed in 1989, in Debrecen, Hungary. The group started off as a power trio with only drums, bass and guitar playing punk rock, but continuously expanded their repertoire with different elements of rock music. They initially performed in small venues and published their album on small inidependent labels. The band’s first important commercial development came in 1995, with the release of their fourth album, Az Ember Tervez (Man Plans), which has become the first gold record for Tankcsapda.

In 2003, they finally crossed over to the mainstream, with the release of their Élni vagy Égni (To Live or to Burn) album, and two singles off this record: “Be Vagyok Rúgva” (“I’m Drunk”) and “Örökké Tart” (“Lasts Forever”). After the mainstream-breaking album of 2003 and the very successful compilation album that followed, they took a left turn and released one of their heaviest albums to date, Mindenki Vár Valamit (Everyone Waits for Something).

In 2013 came the 12th studio album entitled „Rockmafia Debrecen” referring their roots and hometown, Hungary’s second largest city, Debrecen.

Tankcsapda attracts for years the biggest audience in Hungary, and the band plays time to time in various European cities based on the Hungarians live there.

Guest: Fixfire (LU)


Wanting to play a more free brand of rock, leaving room for improvisation, Jacques and Péter began rehearsing new material in the spring of 2012 as a side project while performing with their band, Radio Daze. They were joined by Oli in the summer, and the three built a repertoire of covers and original material, where Johnny Cash meets George Clinton for a night out in Luxembourg.
Though 2013 has been a difficult year for some of the guys for personal reasons, they found the energy to record an 11 track album, including 9 original songs that they hope to release soon. In October that same year, they also had the pleasure to open for Hungarian hard rock institution Tankcsapda in Brussels.

You know that feeling when the hair stands up on the back of your head when you hear that certain sound? When you get goose bumps from a certain little sound that happens to be just at the right place and the right time? This is what Fixfire: Jacques Bock (drums, backing vocals), Oli John (bass) and Peter Varkonyi (guitar and vocals), are after when they pick up their instruments and what they hope to share with you. With reviews ranging from “pretty darn good” to to those who found “un certain brio” in their playing, they seem to be doing okay so far. With their ever growing repertoir of original material and original twists on rock classics (think Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Hendrix, Neil Young etc.), Fixfire are bound to have something interesting for you.