Hungarian movie – charity film event

The Hungarian stand at the “International Bazaar of Luxembourg” is organizing a fund-raising movie projection on October 6 at 19:00 in the Robert Krieps Hall of the Neumünster Abbey.


Perception is Reality

While cleaning offices at night, Gábor learns a lot about his invisible employers by examining what they leave behind, carefully choosing his targets, often disillusioned women whom he seduces, methodically taking their money. An artist of manipulation, with a generous dose of humor and the ability to assume different personalities, Gábor begins to work in a psychologist’s practice, where he “meets” Hanna, a young injured dancer, the daughter of a millionaire. The ideal victim if love doesn’t get in the way …

Hungarian Comedy – Drama – Thriller

Original version, English subtitle

Entrance fee is 9,50 EUR, and all your contribution will go to the charities of the “International Bazaar of Luxembourg”.

Snack, drink, and discussion after the projection.

Tickets can be reserved by sending an e-mail to or calling (+352) 262052-444